Our Georgian family ethos


he distinctive Josephite traditions of St George’s College and St George’s Junior School encourage a strong sense of family where all students are valued and encouraged to fulfil their potential in an atmosphere of mutual respect and compassion.

This atmosphere aims to reach out to all families, our alumni known as 'Old Georgians', the local community and the wider world.

St George's College and St George’s Junior School are proud to have a reputation for being friendly schools, where all students are individually known and valued equally whatever their strengths and weaknesses. Great care is taken by the teaching staff to ensure that all of those in their care develop into quietly confident, compassionate and perfectly balanced individuals, which will prepare them to play a responsible role in the shaping of society.

Christian values have always permeated every aspect of School life. St George’s College and St George’s Junior School are Roman Catholic schools which welcome students from all Christian denominations. It is our wish that during their time at St George's, our boys and girls will grow up within a community where Christian beliefs and principles are a guide for all that we do. This is evident in the liturgical life of our Schools and in the many ways we have of reaching out beyond our community. 

There are four distinctive components to our ethos, inherited from Constant Van Crombrugghe, the founder of the Josephites. One is the ‘Spirit of Family’, which is how the Josephites came to encapsulate the ambience they understood Van Crombrugghe wanted for his schools. It comprises ten aspects. Politesse and Douceur are the two foundational parts.

Politesse is the art of living in the world and reflects something from deep within us – an innate sense of consideration and respect for others which puts them at ease in our presence.

Douceur or ‘firm gentleness’ requires us to be caring and compassionate towards all. Zeal or ‘passionate enthusiasm’ and Happiness appear very frequently in Van Crombrugghe’s letters. In addition, showing mercy or 'forgiving love in action' is a special characteristic of Josephite schools, which are well known for their hospitality so all feel welcome and valued in them.