Life in the Sixth Form

How is Sixth Form different?

What new opportunities will be on offer?
Will I be treated like a responsible adult?

These and many similar questions run through students' minds as they approach the decision making that sixth form brings. Answers would vary from student to student, depending on their subject strands, their tutor group and their own attitude to sixth form life, but all at St George's would agree on one thing - it's the friendly atmosphere. There are, of course, differences - you wear professional business dress and are expected to organise certain activities and take on responsibilities in different areas of the school. These can range from acting as tour guides (for new sixth form students) to mentors and prefects to the rest of the school. 

Tutor system

Your tutor stays with you for the two years, really getting to know you, your interests, family, subject strengths and helping to broaden you with taster days and presentations. They will play a major role in assisting in applications to further education and career choices but will always be there, when emotional or study problems arise, to personally counsel you and find a way forward. The small group sizes of approximately 12 are ideal to meet this need and the annual retreat is enjoyable for the whole tutor group.

The tutors work with the Head of the Lower and the Head of the Upper Sixth, as well as the Head of Sixth Form, who assist the mentoring scheme. The Head of Sixth Form will supervise your time in the College and be available should matters need this level of consultation.

Sixth Form Centre

The Henderson Centre has been specially designed to accommodate the Sixth Form. The Meeting Room is a relaxation area, whereas the Quiet Room provides an area for independent study. The Study Room has a bank of 24 computers and is a hive of activity. It is bookable for all kinds of student groups such as the World Challenge group and the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award.

The Sixth Form Council is elected by the students from the eleven tutor groups in the Upper Sixth and eleven tutor groups in the Lower Sixth. If you take on the position of Chairperson you will be responsible for the running of the Sixth Form's own environment and proposing new initiatives, such as installing new drinks and vending machines or ensuring that the centre is a pleasant place for work and socialising for both years.

Sixth Form learning

This follows a different pattern from the rest of the College. Study time is available, particularly in the Upper sixth where the pressure really is on for ALL students to reach their true potential. The library is available for private study and the staff are able to offer guidance with research, recommend appropriate reading and help with the compilation of bibliographies.