Pastoral care

Our ethos

Our Josephite ethos underpins the pastoral care offered at St George’s Sixth Form. We sincerely believe that all students, as individuals, should be able to reach their full potential and fulfil their aspirations, whatever they may be. To that end, we offer support, guidance and advice. If a student is not a happy one, then he or she will not be able to access all that St George’s has to offer.

Our team of tutors, Head of Year and Head of Sixth Form have an open door policy; we support as much as necessary whilst encouraging a high level of independence. We offer a plethora of opportunities to gain the essential skills required in life and, as a result, our students leave St George’s as confident, compassionate and charming young people.

We encourage students to embrace life in the Sixth Form in their own individual way, whether they enjoy a game of chess, find pleasure in sport, drama or music; appreciate the power of the word and want to produce our Sixth Form magazine, every student is given the opportunity to thrive.

We are proud of our Sixth Formers and the adults they become. It is by working together as a team: students, parents and the staff at St George’s that makes our Sixth Form such a successful one and we welcome you to join us.

Academic embellishment

In order to broaden the minds of our students, our lecture programme provides insights into the world beyond St George’s. We have gained awareness of life in the Amazon Rainforest, life in Send Prison and the challenges of having to overcome the murder of a loved one. Our Religious Studies syllabus gives Sixth Formers the opportunity to teach and support other students in local schools and our unique Kennedy Club, affords our students the chance to interact with adults with severe learning on a weekly basis.

Academic support

We are fully aware that every individual has his/her personal best and we wish to support a student to achieve it. We provide Oxbridge and Medic support sessions for those who wish to apply to the prestigious universities or to the challenging world of medicine. In addition, we supervise study periods for students who need a little more support when working and we offer subject specific sessions with teachers when students require a little more guidance.

Charity work

It is testament to the determination, drive and commitment our young people have that they are not only able to achieve academic success but to also commit their time to raising money for others. Students organise and produce a fantastic annual music concert, Six Live, to raise money for our sister schools in the Congo. In addition, through the organisation of Hockey Sixes, food sales and other methods, they raise hundreds of pounds for Breast Cancer and the charity CRY (Cardiac Arrest in the Young), which is in honour of Emma Broad.

Our team

22 tutor groups in the Sixth Form

12 - 14 students approximately in each tutor group

A Head of Year and Tutor who takes the year group through the Sixth Form

Head of Sixth Form

Supported by: Oxbridge Co-ordinator, Medic Co-ordinator, Head of Careers, Matron, Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain.