World Challenge

World Challenge, as the name suggests, incorporates both fantastic scope for foreign travel and a great deal of challenge.

In the past few years, students from St George's College have visited Vietnam, Laos, Kenya, Uganda and Mongolia. The trips for the summer of 2014 went to Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Tanzania. World Challenge involves two years of preparation. Preparation includes planning itineraries, training weekends, fundraising and team building exercises.

Whilst in their chosen country, the students must arrange their own accommodation, provision for food and transport from one destination to the other. The expedition is broken into four stages, an acclimatisation phase, a project phase, which tends to take place in a school or local community, a week long trek and finally a period of rest and relaxation before returning home.

For anyone lucky enough to go, it is a fantastic opportunity, not only in terms of completely immersing yourself in a culture far removed from your own, but it teaches you a great deal about the nature of leadership, teamwork and your own capabilities and weak points. Over the course of the expedition, you will become an accomplished children's entertainer, a seasoned trekker, an inspired tourist and an enlightened traveller. Very rarely does the chance to visit such exotic and under-developed countries arise and it is an invaluable lesson in self-sufficiency and independence, life skills which will be severely tested, particularly during your years at university and in work.

For anyone who has always longed to travel to exotic locations across the world, then this is an opportunity you should think twice before passing on.