Traditionally, St George's College, Weybridge has been renowned for its sporting credentials, and a walk through the grounds will explain why.

With two brand new astroturfs and a provident range of rugby pitches and tennis courts, it seems that St George's College sports teams will continue to flourish. All Sixth Formers have the opportunity to participate in the three main sports of the College, for boys, rugby, hockey and cricket, and for girls, hockey, netball and tennis. In addition to this, the rowing squad has acquired a national reputation for success, with a number of students representing Great Britain. Anyone who wants to represent the College has the opportunity to do so, as each sport fields both a First and Second team and, if there are the numbers, even a Third team.

Yet if you are not so keen on the traditional sports, then the Sixth Form is also able to take part in football, weights, basketball, softball, lacrosse and golf, which takes place at Hoebridge Golf Course.

All Sixth Formers participate in Games every Wednesday afternoon, which provides a welcome reprieve from the stresses of the A Level course. For the more dedicated, there are after school practices and weekend matches; many have represented their county, the South of England and even their country in their chosen sport.