Kennedy Club

Of the many activities that the Sixth Form has to offer, perhaps the easiest to participate in and probably the most rewarding is the Kennedy Club.

The Kennedy Club, described by some as "the best party this side of the River Wey", is held every Thursday in The Meeting Room in the Henderson Centre. It is a party like no other and our VIP guests are all adults with severe learning difficulties from the local community. It is a truly fantastic event and brightens up every Thursday evening.

It is entirely student run, which makes it even more enjoyable and all you need to do is simply turn up with an open mind to interacting with people quite different to yourself. All the guests have truly unique characters and are fascinating to get to know. It may seem a daunting prospect at first, but within an hour of your first’ K Club’, you will see just how rewarding it is, and most importantly, why it is the highlight of the week for every single guest.