Business Studies

Business affects all of us. Every time we buy a good or a service we interact with the business environment.

Every time we choose a certain new pair of shoes over another pair we make choices that, for the companies involved, mean the difference between success and failure. So how do these businesses work? How are they organised? What do they do to make sure we buy their products? And what are the factors that affect them?

The Business A-Level course addresses all of these issues. The subject matter is particularly relevant for anyone who would like to work in a business organisation in the future. It provides valuable insights into the world they may one day occupy and the tools needed to get them there.

Drawing on real life examples at all times, we learn about how businesses operate. We examine the marketing, financial, human resource and operations management functions that make up a business. We establish what each function is trying to achieve, and how it fits alongside the other departments to contribute to the success of the company.

The result is practical as well as theoretical knowledge about the roles people perform at work and about what might make the difference between profit and bankruptcy for a business. We develop a deeper understanding about what we see all around us as consumers.

You will be required to apply the theory learned in class to unseen case studies in the exam. Class work will therefore involve extensive use of real life up to date examples. An interest in and willingness to follow what is happening in the business world is therefore essential.

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