In the GCE A Level Theatre Studies course, there is a balance between individual practice and research and the working as part of a creative team.

The performing arts industries are now Great Britain’s second largest employer after tourism. Career opportunities for Drama graduates are varied and extensive, encompassing television and radio production, stage management, arts and literary administration. In addition, Drama complements a range of subjects and is invaluable in improving communication, confidence and presentation skills in a range of careers such as law, advertising, PR, event coordinating, marketing and communications.

Students will explore exciting and challenging plays, learning how meaning is created and communicated in the light of changing historical contexts. Regular theatre visits are made to see the best work that London has to offer, including world class practitioners such as Robert Lepage, Thomas Ostermeier, Calixto Bieto, The Maly Theatre of St Petersburg and DV8.

AS Units 1–2

Unit 1 – Exploration of Drama and Theatre (Internally assessed)

Students explore two contrasting play texts, in a practical and active way. At least one of the plays must be explored in the light of a recognised practitioner. Students must produce detailed Exploration Notes and evaluate live theatre.

Unit 2 – Theatre Text in Performance (Externally assessed)

Students contribute to the performance of a published play as an actor or designer and offer either a monologue or duologue.

A Level Units 3–4

Unit 3 – Exploration of Dramatic Performance (Internally assessed)

Students create an entirely unique and original piece of theatre and perform to an invited audience. Students must produce detailed Exploration Notes on both process and performance.

Unit 4 – Theatre Text in Context (Externally Assessed)

Students are required to explore one play from the point of view of a director in both an academic and practical way and a live performance of a play must be evaluated and a comparison made with its original staging conditions.

Increasingly the workplace demands skills such as leadership, creativity, flexibility and the ability to communicate effectively as part of a team. A Level Theatre Studies is an excellent opportunity to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

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