Students pursuing this course will work in painting/drawing, mixed media and photography, alongside specialist teachers in an enthusiastic and demanding department.

The AS syllabus encourages an experimental, explorative approach to the subject that gains in depth and focus at the A Level. The key aim is to support individual responses to a particular visual problem through exploration of what is seen, thought or felt. This course provides a means of realising the creative potential of each individual.

There are two units in the AS Level and two units in the A Level.

Units 1 and 3 are coursework projects. These put an emphasis on observational skills, the generation and development of ideas through sustained investigation of processes and the ability to bring research to a successful conclusion.

Candidates are expected to make visual recordings of their responses to different artists’ work by theme, style or specific time period. This project may be presented in a sketchbook, portfolio or illustrated essay format. These modules put the emphasis on critical, contextual and historical investigation conducted by the candidate in an area of particular visual interest to them, as well as work that is stimulated by such research.

Units 2 and 4 are the controlled assignments which are timed responses to exam questions.

Marks for the AS Level are externally moderated in June of the L6 with results posted in August. A Level marks are moderated the following June and the full A Level result is then posted in August.

This is an exciting and rewarding course whether pursued as a 1 year AS Level or as a 2 year A Level, and would benefit those considering taking up careers in Art and Design fields or as a creative complement to their academic studies. The department has an excellent track record for helping students gain a place on their first choice Art foundation course.

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