Year 6 take to the stage for the final time in 'The Adventurers' production

At the end of June, Year 6 put on one last thrilling production before they leave St George's Junior School.

The Adventurers was written especially for Year 6 and told the story of four young orphans who go on separate adventures in their quest to be reunited with one another. The play incorporated Drama, Music and Dance and was definitely a crowd-pleaser.

The show opened with a spectacular dance routine choreographed by Mrs Henderson, whilst the boys’ dance routine was choreographed by India O’Neill, a First Year student from the college. Two of the Year 6 girls choreographed the high tempo girls’ dance. The opening also included a stunning cheerleading routine, again choreographed by Mrs Henderson.

Direction came from Mr Lawson Lean and Mrs McIntyre, creating their final Year 6 production at St George’s. Musical Direction was skilfully provided by Mr Hodgson. Each class had their own group song, as well as a selection of solo, duet and small group songs,  while Mrs O’Connell painted the outstanding scenery for the show once more. A notable highlight of the production was the hilarious ventriloquist act scene performed by one of our Year 6 pupils, which was crafted into the storyline and left the crowd wanting more.

The Adventurers was a real credit to the Year 6 pupils and was an exciting and inspiring finish to their Drama and Music experience at the Junior School. The production really highlighted the work that has taken place over the last few years at St George's, both from the teachers developing the pupils' skills and from the children themselves, who are really starting to show maturity and independence in their work. Well done to all!

2 July 2019

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