Third Year discover Dragonflies and Pond Skaters on Environment Day

The Third Year at St George's College took to the woodlands and surrounding areas of the School on Thursday 21 June to celebrate Environment Day and find out more about the eco-systems that are right on their doorstep.

Below is a report of the day's activities, written by Third Year student, Kyan.

"The day was split into three main parts: two Biology activities and one Geography activity. At the start of the day everyone was put into groups with a member of staff, then we went to a classroom to be briefed on our activities.

For the Geography activity, we were tasked with measuring different aspects of the South Bourne river, such as velocity, depth and taking samples of stones in the river to measure erosion. For this assignment we were split into two teams and carried out our measurements at different points along the river.

Next up it was time to focus on Biology. The first activity that my group took part in was measuring the biodiversity of two different fields, one managed and one unmanaged. We split into groups of 4 or 5 and started swaying big nets through the tall grass in a hope to capture lots of small bugs in order to take a survey. We did this in both the managed and unmanaged fields and then made hypotheses on which field we thought would have a bigger diversity of living creatures. Our results revealed that there was a larger diversity of living creatures in the managed field than there was in the unmanaged field.

Our final activity of the day was focused on Biology once more. We had to measure the cleanliness of the North and South Bourne Rivers by sampling the different invertebrates living there. In the South Bourne, we did this using kick-sampling (kicking the riverbed and collecting any organisms that were disturbed) and in the North Bourne, we were wading our nets through the water. Based on the species that we found in the rivers (such as dragonfly nymphs and pond skaters), we concluded that the South Bourne is significantly cleaner.

On behalf of all the Third Year students, I would like to thank the Biology Department and all the staff who supervised us for a fun and fascinating day learning about the environment just outside the school."

21 June 2018

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