St George’s Weybridge Music Marathon for St Joseph's African Aid

This Friday morning, a group of our dedicated musicians will begin a 24-hour Music Marathon at the College in support of St Joseph’s African Aid. 

St Joseph's African Aid is a small charity dedicated to the relief of poverty, sickness and distress, and the advancement of education in DR Congo, Cameroon, and Gabon.

There will be music of one form or another from 8am on 18th March to 8am on 19th March, featuring talents from across the school that include ensembles and soloists. And from 7-8pm on Friday, the Music Marathon will play host to the College’s Spring Concert for the first time in two years. All in the Georgian Family are more than welcome to enjoy the Concert, taking place in the Chapel.

The Music Marathon is all in aid of a special project for St Joseph’s African Aid to provide a rural town called Maoudak in Cameroon with a well. Despite the fact Cameroon is a fertile land, around 47% of the rural population do not have access to clean drinking water. Currently, the people in Maoudak have to walk very long distances to collect water, so the whole village – roughly 2,000 people – will benefit from the building of one water well.

Donations to St Joseph's African Aid are gratefully received, and can be made online quoting SGC 24 hr Music Marathon and using this link:

St Joseph's African Aid - SUPPORT US (

Three of our Sixth Form students shared why they were keen to get involved:

“I am so keen to take part in this event to fundraise for SJAA to provide a water well in Cameroon and raise the profile of the music department. The community in the music department is so unique in how closely all the year-groups interact, and I’m so excited to spend time with so many talented people. I’m particularly looking forward to playing the Beethoven Clarinet-Cello trio in the concert and equally for the more light-hearted karaoke late into the night!”

“It's so exciting to do such a high-profile event with everyone in the department. We're like a little family and the thought of doing all our favourite pieces with everyone will be so enjoyable. The fact that we've got so many amazing people helping out and taking part during the day makes it all worthwhile, and being able to show off all the talented members of the department at the Spring concert is a real bonus! I'm looking forward to the whole atmosphere of the day, as well as the Compline the Chamber Choir will be doing in the evening after the concert, as it's a great time to show how hard we've all been working this year.”

“I’m looking forward to taking part because it’s such an innovative way to fundraise for a very deserving cause. In the Music Department, we have had little opportunity to showcase the array of talent across all year groups due to various lockdowns and restrictions, so this event is a perfect way to signify how lucky we are that we can perform as a whole department again! I’m really looking forward to the concert in the evening and the late-night karaoke!”

Good luck to all involved!

17 March 2022

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