St George's triumphs at National Young Mathematicians' competition

St George’s Junior School is extremely proud of its Year 6 Young Mathematicians' team who have started the new year on the right foot, by winning the primary school National Young Mathematics competition.

Adam, Som, Felix and Yuvan travelled to Cambridge University on Wednesday 9 January after successfully coming through the heats in Walton in 2018.

The Maths heats in Walton may have been a lot of fun for the boys, but the finals at Cambridge University were truly memorable and a real once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In their own words, the boys describe the competition and what else they got up to on their adventure in Cambridge:

"We knew going into the competition that it was going to be very tough and the other schools were all really great; everyone wanted to win! Our motto was “Try our best to be the best”. The problem set by Nrich (The Nrich Maths Project Cambridge) for the finalists was really interesting and very challenging. We enjoyed working on it as a team and were relieved when we finally cracked it.

After the problem-solving was over and our submission was being marked, we had a tour of the Cambridge Centre for Mathematical Sciences, which was awesome, like something out of Dr Who. We saw Stephen Hawking’s office which was so inspiring and the building where Andrew Wiles worked on solving Fermat’s Last Theorem. We learned a lot from the PhD student who showed us around (she’s studying the mathematics of glaciers) and we learnt that glaciers flow like golden syrup!

It was an extraordinary experience and we are very grateful to Explore Learning, Nrich and Cambridge University for creating and running this stupendous event. We can’t wait to take part in the senior competition in the future.

After our tour, we ended up back in the lecture hall where we had a talk from BBC’s Bobby Seagull, who even did a rap about maths! At the end of his talk the results were announced. The winners were...

St George's Weybridge! We had won! We were ecstatic when the results were announced, we couldn't believe that we had beaten so many other schools across the country. We were each awarded a special trophy, a robot, an electric spinning top and some books. It was brilliant!

We just want to say a big thank you to Mr Shawyer and Mrs Richard for taking us."

Congratulations to all 4 boys on such an incredible achievement, St George's is very proud of you all!

22 January 2019

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