'Snakes Alive', 'Bird Man' and robotic bumper cars astound all during Maths and Science Week

From Monday 11 - Friday 15 February 2019, pupils at St George's Junior School were treated to a wide range of wonderful, educational activities as part of Maths and Science Week.

Year 6 pupils from J6.1 have written a brief report on the week's activities and shared some of their personal highlights:

"Everyone from Lower Nursery through to Year 6 had a brilliant Maths and Science Week and learnt a lot of new information! Lower Nursery and Reception took part in the ‘Snakes Alive’ workshop, while Years 1-6 did various other activities, including a mysterious crime being committed that Year 6 had to solve using special forensic methods.

Years 1 to 6 also had the opportunity to witness some mind blowing maths tricks hosted by the famous 'mathemagician', Andrew Jeffery.

Year 4 had a lot of fun as they programmed highly sophisticated robot cars to compete in a Robot Wars style bumper car battle.

The 'Bird Man' then showed us a variety of exquisite breeds of birds, with some well-behaved children even getting the opportunity to have the birds rest on their heads and arms!"

Below are a few more in-depth reports on certain activities:


"On Monday 11 February, Andrew Jeffrey, the mathemagician, came to our school to show us how fun maths can be. He performed mind blowing math tricks that we could learn at home. One of the best tricks he performed was the ‘Maths Rocks’ trick. Andrew drew a face with massive teeth. He asked us to give him some names of shapes and he drew them on the teeth. At first, it was confusing, but one by one we started to see huge capital letters forming on the teeth spelling out 'MATHS ROCKS'.

Thank you to Mr Shawyer for organising this wonderful workshop!"

The Liquid Nitrogen Show

"On Wednesday 13 February, Andrew Hanson and Tracy, Scientists and Liquid Nitrogen Enthusiasts, arrived to teach Years 4, 5 and 6 about the shear amazingness of Liquid Nitrogen! They showed us what happens when you put a tennis ball in the freezing liquid, and then what happens when you put two daffodils into the -273 degrees Celsius liquid. It was so cool because when you smash them against the table, they break into a thousand pieces. We then went outside and felt the mist of the liquid nitrogen for ourselves, as Dr Hanson poured it all over the floor.

We want to thank Miss Wilson for arranging this special workshop for us."


"During Maths and Science week, Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to a Forensics Workshop with Miss Wicks and Dr Clayton (a teacher at the College). The workshop included solving a mystery using a range of scientific evidence to identify who the victim was. This included solving blood types, footprints, fingerprints and looking at the victim’s profiles. It was interesting to find out how important science is to the world and how police officers use it to solve crimes.

Thank you to Miss Wilson, Miss Wicks and Dr Clayton who helped organise this amazing workshop. Everyone who took part really enjoyed it."

18 February 2019

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