St George's sixth form students create their own journal

We want to welcome you to the very first edition of our new sixth form student journal, ‘Unashamedly Academic’.

Whilst the Covid pandemic brought us many challenges, new opportunities also arose. And what you can now read is one of them! Please find a link at the end of this article to the first edition.

The idea to produce our own Sixth Form Journal was born in the midst of lockdown when we realised that the intellectual heart of our sixth form was still beating, even in our students’ physical absence. So whilst, with our students at home, of course we missed their ready wit and buzz of ideas that typifies our sixth form classrooms, corridors and meeting rooms, we were heartened to hear that they hadn’t stopped engaging intellectually with one another at all. They just weren’t at school. Online discussion, quizzes and debates abounded, replacing their physical iterations; some students participated in online university modules both here and abroad while others learnt new languages, or honed their existing ones. And of course, those never-ending chess battles, a signature pursuit of this year group, weren’t going to be stopped by a mere pandemic!

It was this vibrant intellectual activity that we wanted to harness with this new venture, and I want to thank Will Parks, his Editorial Team, and all those who contributed articles, for their enthusiasm and producing such a stimulating work. They really did do it all!

One of the founding principles of the Journal was to promote the free speech of our students and to allow their voices and thoughts to be heard in an increasingly contested public space. So, as you read, please bear in mind that the articles represent the thoughts and ideas of their student authors alone.

We hope you find ‘Unashamedly Academic’ enjoyable, engaging and stimulating. And please watch out for the next issue very soon!

Mr Jon Carr, Head of Sixth Form

Unashamedly Academic (

20 January 2022

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