SGC Maths Quest Christmas 2019

St George’s College, Weybridge invited children from Years 5 and 6 at all local schools to take part in the SGC Maths Quest challenge - Christmas 2019.

Each Half Term, St George’s College provides a Maths problem for children from Years 5 and 6 to solve. All correct entries are displayed on the St George’s Weybridge website at

SGC Maths Quest Christmas 2019 - Solutions

Download the original Maths Quest here

Here is the solution to the Christmas 2019 Maths Quest:

It will cost £99.70 to make Christmas dinner for 10 people.

The cost per person is £9.97. If you worked it out per portion regardless of how many people there were, it was £8.65. Those that rounded the price for each item before adding up should have got £8.66. You needed to be careful whether to round up or down.

There will be 2 crackers left.

It would not be cheaper to buy the other brussel sprouts. 1 bag would serve 7.5 people and cost 92p. You would still need 2 bags and so would be paying £1.84 in total instead of £1.38.

If everyone ate the recommended portion and all the food was cooked, there would be turkey, crackers, potatoes, brussel sprouts, wine and after dinner mints leftover. Some said that everyone would have 2 after dinner mints so there were be none leftover, which I accepted. Some only listed the leftover food (so not including the wine and crackers), which I have also accepted.

If Uncle Trevor eats 50% more, then the extra cost will be £4.36. If you said that everyone would eat 2 after dinner mints then the extra cost was £8.05 as you needed an extra box of after dinner mints.

Remember that it is important to show your working out when answering Maths questions as you may gain important method marks!

Thank you and well done to everyone who participated. There were 5 correct entries received so a big congratulations to the following students:

Will F (Bishopsgate School)

Emily K (Bishopsgate School)

Sophia R (Bishopsgate School)

Oliver A (Bishopsgate School)

Natasha M (Bishopsgate School)

Entries received from Lincoln T and Kavun G (both from Bishopsgate School) and Farah H (from Coworth Flexlands) were also highly commended.

Well done to our winners and to everyone who participated in the Maths Quests! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Maths Quest at the end of the Spring term.

13 January 2020

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