Reception children live like pirates for a day

Excitement was in the air on Thursday 4 April as Reception children at St George's Junior School came in dressed up as pirates.

This was the grand finale to a lovely topic where the children learnt all about the lives of pirates. They drew and designed their own treasure maps, they unearthed hidden treasures in Forest School, they made their own pirate hats and eye patches and they even created their own pirate ships to see if they would sink or float.

Even in their maths classes the children were hard at work concocting their own 'pirate punch', measuring out fruit juices and comparing the quantities - it was very educational!

As the topic came to an end, the children and their teachers all walked down to the River Thames where their boats were waiting. After fending off a band of 'parent pirates' at the first lock, the children hopped aboard their pirate vessel, had a hearty snack and some sea shanties before returning to land at the Junior School.

It was a wonderful day for the children who really got a feel for what it was like for life as a pirate.

4 April 2019

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