Oliver! the Musical

The road closures around St George’s College, Weybridge, did not deter audiences from coming to see the School’s first musical in nine years. From the first atmospheric chords from the excellent band, led by Miss Castledine, Director of Music, the audience were transported to a 19th century workhouse.

The grimy city set and cold lighting set the tone for the hordes of orphans to appear on the stage. But the atmosphere changed when ‘Food, glorious, food’ began, the orphans faces shone as they thought about food they would never taste. The First and Second years involved in the production were committed thoroughly and bought life to the stage whenever they were on it.

Depending on which night audience attended the show they would have witnessed two different Oliver’s; Izzy Smart and Josie De Bruin both played the role superbly and they handled the challenge of being the title role with ease. ‘Where is love?’ was hauntingly beautiful and brought a tear to many an eye.

The introduction of Fagin’s motley crew injected a sassy energy into the production, Joe Russell and Holly Merritt played Fagin and Dodger with pizazz but also wistfulness. ‘I’d do anything’ was one of the highlights of the production; the carriage made out of Fagin’s boys and umbrellas was a beautiful piece of dance composition from Lisa Lee, the choreographer. Molly Parker was a mesmerising Nancy and Finn Mather’s Bill Sykes was terrifying to the very last scene. Well done to everyone involved in this sell out show!

More photos can be found here.

Miss Dowds


20 November 2014

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