National Poetry Day celebrated in style with rap poet Breise

First Year students at St George's College were treated to a rap poetry masterclass for National Poetry Day in 2018, as inspirational rap poet BREIS visited the College Library.

BREIS (which stands for Brilliant Rappers Educate Intelligent Students) was a big hit with the students as he discussed all the fun things you can do with poetry - including rapping.

As well as performing for the children, BREIS had a discussion with the students to decipher which poetic techniques could be used to create the best poems. The students talked about metaphors, similes, rhyme, and one of BREIS's favourite poetic techniques - onomatopoeia.

After a few more performances, it was then time for the students themselves to write their own rap poems. The theme that BREIS gave them was 'change' - or something that had a big impact on their lives. Under BREIS's tutelage, some of the students even performed their raps to their peers, with lots of cheering and encouragement given.

Here are a selection of some of the best rap poems, some to do with change, some more general:

'Rap' by John Carter

The World Wide Web is a great creation, Tim Berners-Lee deserves a standing ovation,

It can search what you want in an instant, although the answer may be distant,

There are a lot of great websites, there are even some about dust mites.

Although great, some websites will contain infections, I personally would prefer confections.

On the internet you can also play games, who will you meet, maybe some dames.

Plants vs Zombies, the living dead, now it's got too  late and I'm off to bed.

'Rugby Rap' by Jack Whitelock

On Saturday Morning, I get the calling,

As I tighten my tie, I visualise the try,

With my teammates around me, no one can hound me,

As we pass out wide, the ball starts to glide,

Along the line, elegant tackles are fine,

Teamwork at play, we win the game that day.

'#2018 US Open Rap' by Sienna Wootton (inspired by the US Open Women's Final 2018)

The coach was seen to have cheated, from where the Umpire, he was seated,

'You're a liar, you're a thief!' Serena screamed, she had beef,

Zero tolerance was dictated, Still, Serena gesticulated,

The silence was deafening, the atmosphere turned menacing,

Cheers now turned to jeers, the crowd's sweetheart broken in tears,

Race and discrimination? broadcast throughout the nation,

The anger inside her head, meant Osaka won instead.

'Poem' by Sasha Millhouse

Yo yo yo, a couple days ago,

I went to Mamma Mia with my friend, ya know.

The movie came on and the first song started,

We both sang along as my dignity parted.

People’s hands were turning

And our stomachs kept churning

And we kept on singing

Though our thoughts were stinging.

As we walked out, a man by the door did say:

‘This film was not a sing-along by the way.’

We walked out feeling bad for ruining the experience,

But just went home and ate wraps with some mince.

16 October 2018

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