Junior School new build September update

Junior School New Build update

Dear Parents, 

I am delighted to inform you that all the plans for Phase 1 of the Junior School New Build are on schedule, with the landscaping of the Upper Playground being the most visible feature as you arrive at the school gates. A huge amount of work has been accomplished by, firstly, the contractors and, latterly, the Grounds staff in order to ensure that as much space as possible has been freed up for the children to play in, and parents to wait at the start and end of the School Day. A huge thanks to them for all their efforts. 

In the midst of the changes, it’s rather reassuring to recognise some familiar features like the Clock Tower in the centre, as well as the lime and cherry trees on either side. Then as you make your way towards the white hoarding, some child – friendly ( in terms of height! ) as well as grown – up ‘spy holes’ have been set in place for us all to watch each stage of the New Build, ensuring that the next year will be an educational journey for all the children to witness as the centre of the school site is transformed between now and next summer. 

You might also notice that the Nursery playground has been levelled and given a temporary tarmac surface, while the Upper Nursery 1 classroom has been divided into two in anticipation of much greater work being undertaken on all the current Nursery buildings in a year’s time. During the summer holidays of 2015, all the Nursery will move temporarily to the vacated classrooms in the Lower Years Covered Way while the renovation takes place, before moving back for the start of the Easter Term 2016. 

Finally, as part of the enabling works, the Music Department has now relocated to its temporary home for four terms on the top floor above the School Library where it will remain until Christmas 2015 when the current Year 2 classrooms are completely refurbished and turned into a Performing Arts Centre – again, scheduled to be opened in January 2016. 

With the loss of the Orchard Room, which was much used by Nursery children, the Drama Hall will have more demands being made of it; therefore, in order to free up some space for Drama, Dance, Choirs and some other musical activities, we will be using the School Chapel which has had the pews taken out in order to free up the floor space. The children will sit on the floor during Assemblies and Mass, with seats around the sides available for parents and staff. 

I will keep you posted about further developments as the term goes by; in the meantime, please keep track of things by looking regularly at our new website on wwwstgeorgesweybridge.com. The aim is for all the works to be completed by January 2016 

Best wishes, 

Antony Hudson 


4 September 2014

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