Junior School learn about Islam

With the children in Years 1, 3 and 6 studying Judaism as their different major world faith topic, the pupils in Years 2 and 5 began the Christmas Term by studying Islam.

The purpose of this learning is to ensure that the children are aware of other faiths and are able to learn about them so that they can grow in understanding and respect.

On the 19 and 20 September, St George's Junior School welcomed Muslim Learner Services and Imran Kotwal, who put on a special workshop for the children. The workshop provided the boys and girls with hands-on experience and aimed to stimulate their curiosity in this interesting faith.

The children in both year groups learned about the five pillars of Islam. The Year 2 children looked at Muslim prayer mats and learned how Muslims wash before they pray, whilst the Year 5 children became detectives – looking at 20 different artefacts and deciphering which pillar of Islam they belonged to. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and learned a lot about this interesting faith.

2 October 2018

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