Josephite Superstars Competition

Four of the five European Josephite Schools - including St George's Weybridge - met this week to compete for the fourth annual Under 14 event hosted at Melle College, Belgium. 

Previously this event was the triathlon competition and its main purpose is to share in each other’s Josephite culture. This year, to increase further the interaction, a superstars event was arranged, based on the old BBC TV Superstars Programme.

The 16 boys were split around four stations and rotated. In the pool, the boys were timed swimming, paddling an inflatable ring, balancing and rescuing a manikin. The gym tests involved performing 13 different fitness exercises. The endurance station involved cycling and running against the clock. The final station was a skills circuit involving skateboarding, scooting, basketball, hockey, football and tennis. The accumulation of the events took its toll and the boys were suitability exhausted at the end. Stany Lambrechts won the event overall, Felix Stewart joint 2nd, Sam Owen 5th and Max Minney 7th. Stany actually won 3 out of the 4 events overall.

The boys stayed overnight at Melle and in the morning visited lessons to share St George’s life and tales. Apart from 20 minutes, the weather throughout the stay was blue skies and bright sunshine. Unfortunately the 20 minute thunder storm hit when Max was doing his run and cycle. The wind and rain was so bad it pushed him off his feet and the race stopped early. At the same time there was a massive thunder crash and lightning with 20-30 roof tiles falling off the roof.

The four boys proudly represented St George’s College and gained massively from the experience of visiting another Josephite School.

Mr James Reynolds, Director of Sport

The photograph shows some students from St George's College, Weybridge on their visit to Melle College in Belgium this week

8 May 2015

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