In depth learning about local ecosystems

On Wednesday 10 June, Third Year students at St George’s College, Weybridge took part in Environment Day.

As part of their Biology and Geography studies, the boys and girls spent the day visiting several locations both on and off the School grounds, investigating the differing ecosystems within their local surrounding.

For Biology, students studied the grassland and river ecology, collecting and identifying the various organisms found within those ecosystems and recording data for analysis.

By studying the grassland areas, the aim was to compare the biodiversity (range of organisms) in managed and unmanaged areas using different sampling techniques such as quadrats, nets and aspirators.

The river studies enabled the students to compare the biodiversity at two different parts of a river and to analyse the abiotic (non-living) factors such as flow rate, oxygen content, light intensity and nitrate levels which indicate levels of pollution.

For the geography section of the day, the students looked at a river’s changes as it flows downstream, and the different characteristics that can be measured at a particular site along its course. Welly-clad and with apparatus in hand, each group divided into two teams and entered the river at selected sites to collect data on width, depth, velocity, pebble size and shape. The boys and girls took to the task at hand, efficiently working together and producing some good data, as well as having fun wading about.

12 June 2015

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