General Knowledge Quiz Success

All pupils in the Upper Years partook in a General Knowledge Quiz last term and our top scorers were selected to attend further practice sessions. Eight children from Years 3 – 6 were chosen to represent the Junior School at the Inter-School General Knowledge Quiz at Manor House School, where they competed against twelve other teams from schools all across Surrey. The children worked together in small groups to answer a wide range of general knowledge questions, ranging from geography to music. They relied on their knowledge, some common sense, logic and even clever guesswork!

After battling it out for forty challenging questions, both St George's teams were ready to find out who had come out on top. With nerves building it was announced that...St George's Junior School finished in 1st and 3rd place! We asked some of the team members how they found the quiz:

“The questions were quite hard, but as we worked together in a team, it felt a bit easier.” - Seb, Year 3

“The quizmaster was really funny and friendly. He helped us to learn more by telling us more facts about each question.” - Sam and Alice, Year 4

“When the quizmaster told us more information, it helped us remember everything.” - Jenny, Year 3

Both teams were delighted with the results, with the first placed team going on to compete in the National Finals next term. All of the girls and boys from St George's received a certificate for their efforts and the winning team received badges and a plaque. Congratulations!

10 February 2020

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