Fourth Year Retreats

The Fourth Years focussed on the theme of Social Justice/Injustice for their retreat this year. After a few ice-breaker games, Fr Martin’s ‘Banana Activity’ was used to illustrate an example of encouraging social justice by opting for Fair Trade goods. The tutor group then split into four groups to explore different areas of global injustice: food, water, human trafficking /child labour and the arms trade in relation to peace and conflict. Each group were encouraged to present ‘their’ issue and to comment on any reflections and/or questions offered by their peers.

Kate Snowden, Assistant Chaplain, continued the theme of human trafficking by sharing her experience of working with young women and child victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This was illustrated by a video depicting the story of one such girl: Suhana, who was rescued by International Justice Mission in Mumbai, India.

After break, the participants moved into the Chapel where they were given the opportunity to reflect on various issues linked to injustice with the assistance of ten creative prayer stations. In silence, they responded individually to the suggestions for prayer and more active explorations. Some scrubbed potatoes as an experience of child labour whilst others lit candles and prayed for those trapped by human trafficking around the world in response to real life case studies.

In the afternoon, the Fourth Years looked at Social Injustice in the context of the School community. They broke into single sex groups and discussed some of the issues most relevant to them for example; the impact of social media, body image and bullying.

This was followed by a closing Liturgy in the Chapel which included several original dramas based on scriptures relating to Justice/Injustice. Prayers of intercession were prepared and shared and Fr Martin offered a commentary explaining the Gospel drama.

The Fourth Years embraced and explored the sometimes very sensitive material with both maturity and insight and seemed to have some fun in the process.

24 September 2014

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