Academic Support

It is the responsibility of the Learning Support Department to identify, at the earliest opportunity, any child who may have special educational needs and to maintain a special needs list. Staff initially raise any cause for concerns about pupils to the Department. The SENCo assesses these pupils using a range of standardised and diagnostic tests to facilitate identification of pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties in both Lower and Upper Years. If deemed necessary, referral to outside specialists such as a Speech Therapist is made.

Support is provided in small groups for pupils in Lower Years (Key Stage 1) to alleviate difficulties, as Early Intervention is deemed good practice. There is no charge for this provision. In Upper Years, (Key Stage 2) pupils with diagnosed specific difficulties showing a discrepancy with their innate ability are offered 1:1 support. There is a charge for this provision.

Pupils receiving Learning Support are assessed twice a year in order to track progress. Exam concessions, such as extra time or rest breaks are arranged. This is for specified candidates with a Specialist Teacher, Educational Psychologist or other Specialist Report, recommending specific concessions with written evidence adhering to JCQ guidelines.

Learning Support staff plan and implement a personalised Individual Education Plan (IEP). This is done termly for each pupil receiving out of class support. All teaching staff have access to this information and any necessary advice from the Learning Support staff to support awareness of each child's needs so that his/her needs may be met in mainstream classes.

Close links and communication with parents is kept at all times and they are encouraged to be involved in the initial assessment procedures and regular reviews of the child's progress.

All children with any type of Special Educational Needs are fully integrated within the school as a whole. Pupils' specific needs are served by providing differentiated work where appropriate. All staff and children know which children receive support but the atmosphere is one of understanding and encouragement.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
Angela Dominy
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