School Buses - Frequently Asked Questions

St George’s Weybridge: School Buses – all you need to know

School Buses

St George’s Weybridge provides a convenient, safe, environmentally sensible way for girls and boys (college pupils only) to travel between home and school.

We have seven bus routes covering a 15 mile radius of the school, designed to serve as many people as possible, whilst linking with public buses and trains.

School Bus stops and timetable

Please visit the School website to see detailed School Bus maps and the timetable. Links to nearby trains can be found here:

Free shuttle bus service

Our free one-way Shuttle-buses run from the College to the Junior School at 7:55am, 8:10am and 8:25am, Monday to Friday during term-time and the journey takes approximately ten minutes. The afternoon Shuttle-Bus from the Junior School departs at 3:50pm, expected to arrive at the College between 4pm-4:10pm – depending on traffic conditions. 

This service aims to reduce the congestion around the Junior School at peak times. Please note that children are to be registered to use the Shuttle-Bus service and is provided on a first come, first served basis. Please email if you would like to register to use this service.

How do I suggest another bus stop?

Whilst bus routes and stops are reviewed annually, we will consider adding new stops, ideally designated bus stops, on existing routes for added convenience. Please email if you would like to make a suggestion; changes can’t be guaranteed.

School Buses and safety

We operate regularly maintained School minibuses and externally provided private coaches, using our own bus drivers and contracted staff, all of whom are appropriately trained and vetted according to current safeguarding guidance. This is to ensure passenger safety. All School Bus users are required to wear a seat belt.

Our buses have recently been fitted with STAR Smart Card Readers that will alert parents when your child has boarded the bus, this will be particularly useful to parents whose children walk unaccompanied to and from our bus stops. Please contact our Transport office ( for more information.

There may be unavoidable occasions whereby a child is the only passenger on a School bus or minibus for a short period, for example if alighting at the first stop in the morning or leaving at the last stop in the afternoon – the vetting of all drivers is rigorously enforced to ensure child safeguarding is paramount at all times.

What does a School Bus look like?

The School minibuses are white and have the School name and logo clearly visible on them. The externally provided coaches are larger and have various liveries, although all have an electronic display clearly on the front of the coach saying they are St George’s Weybridge.

What time does my daughter or son need to be at the bus stop?

School Bus users must be at their chosen bus stop 5 minutes before the allocated time. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their children are at their stop in plenty of time.

What happens if children are late getting to the bus stop?

Owing to the full timetable and need to pick up other children, our School Buses have to depart each stop on time (never early) and aren’t able to wait for latecomers or for children to get out of waiting cars. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to get their child to school if they miss the School Bus.

What happens if the School Bus is delayed?

All parents registering their children as users of the School Bus service have free access to an online application that displays the location of each School Bus, subject to internet connection and a slight time delay of a minute or so. Details are sent to parents when they sign up to the bus service.

If the School Bus does not arrive at your stop in the morning within 10 minutes of its scheduled time, please call Student Services at St George’s College for an update – 01932 839300, email:

In the rare event that a School Bus breaks down, the School will provide alternative transport as soon as possible. Any users will remain on the bus with the driver until a new bus arrives. All children arriving late to School should report in person to Student Services or Reception.

What happens if the weather is very poor?

The School will only close if the weather prevents staff and pupils travelling safely. In the event of such weather, parents will be informed via text, social media and website alert before the first bus pick up time.

What happens if my child has heavy/bulky luggage?

The School Bus drivers and coach drivers are happy to help store heavy and bulky luggage safely. It is your child’s responsibility to take all of their luggage off the School Bus. Lost property is handed into Student Services at the College and Reception at the Junior School.

Who supervises the bus journey?

Our Home to School Buses are operated by our fully trained and safety checked drivers who are instructed to report any unsafe behaviour, to which the School’s disciplinary policies will apply. In addition, a member of staff is present to ensure children safely board our Buses at both the College and Junior School sites.

Many pupils travel to School on coaches provided by third party contractors and a number of these coaches are equipped with CCTV systems. The School may use these in establishing facts in cases of improper pupil behaviour. In line with GDPR requirements from 25 May 2018, parents/guardian will be informed as part of the School’s management of a particular incident.

If your child joins St George’s, will they be able to get home if they stay on for an after school club or activity?

St George's Late Bus runs every day at 18:15 and is provided for children who have pre-booked. It is available on a first come, first serve basis and the route covers Weybridge Train Station, Queen's Road (Weybridge) and Walton-on-Thames. The Late Bus is free to use for children who are subscribed to our School Bus service, the service is also available for all children to use as and when required.

If the Late Bus does not cover your area, this is what many families do if their children stay at School for an after school club or activity after 4pm:

  • Car sharing with another family - See Classlist
  • Travelling with a friend on public transport part or all the way home
  • Staying until the Library closes and then picked up by a parent

We hold a new parents' event in September, where you can network and meet friends of your child. The School can also assist with putting you in touch with possible car sharers/travel companions nearby.

Travelling on the trains, part or all of the way home, possibly with a friend is an option too. We would be happy to discuss options with you about using the train service from nearby Addlestone railway station to get your child some or all of the way home. Collecting a child from a train station is a quicker option than travelling all the way into Weybridge for an after school pick up at peak rush hour. For example:

Trains from Addlestone towards Chertsey, Virginia Water, Staines and onwards leave at: 17:41 and 18:11 and take 21 minutes to arrive at Staines. 

Trains from Addlestone towards Weybridge to connect with the Waterloo main line leave at: 17:34 and 18:34 and take 6 minutes.

Lots of children from St George’s use the trains in the evening and your child is likely to be with many others on the platform using the trains in either direction. Addlestone railway station is a 5 minute walk from St George’s College with safe, well lit pavements leading to it.

Cost of the School Bus service

Bus prices are updated annually and can be viewed on:

As well as this, your children will receive free access to our Late Bus service (booking required and subject to seat availability).

The School Bus fees are reviewed annually and parents are notified of the fees for the following school year at the end of each Spring Term.

How to sign up to the School Bus service

Please visit the School website and complete the e-form, available on Firefly. Applications can be made at any time, although early booking is encouraged to secure a space. Spaces are subject to availability and a waiting list system is used.

Your commitment

The commitment to use the School Buses is for a minimum of one term. Refunds cannot be made in the event of a pupil being unable to use the bus for any reason. Requests to cease the use of bus service must be by a half term’s written notice.


For a safe and enjoyable journey on our School Buses:

  • Seat belts must be worn at all times
  • No standing
  • Food and drink should not be consumed on board
  • Help other passengers, if needed, and be considerate to them
  • No shouting and do not distract the driver unless it’s an emergency
  • Please do not play loud music

SUGGESTIONS/FEEDBACK about the School Bus service

Feedback is always welcome – please email

Updated May 2019