Pastoral care

The excellent strength of pastoral care at St George’s College has been recognised in last two Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspections as: “a notable feature of the school’s success.”

At its heart lies a robust pastoral structure in which the Pastoral Deputy Head leads a team of Heads of Year and their own teams of Group Tutors.

Regular weekly pastoral year team meetings focus on the needs of individual and the effective dissemination of information about the children. Close links exist between academic and pastoral matters with the tutor group a strong pastoral centre.

The College has two chaplains to promote the ethos of the College and to support the students, parents and staff as and when appropriate. Members of the Sixth Form act as mentors to small groups of the first year when they first arrive at the College. The College also has an in-house counsellor to support and promote the well-being of the students at St George’s.

The quality of the students’ personal development is excellent, promoted by outstanding relationships which exist among the students and between the students and the staff who are dedicated to their care. Through our weekly programme of assemblies and tutor times we seek to create a highly developed sense of our Catholic, Christian, Josephite community by promoting kindness, gentleness (douceur), tolerance and a sense of justice, both within the school and in the outside world

In essence, we aim to create a warm and supportive learning environment in which all our children will feel happy, secure and valued for their own individual talents. There are numerous opportunities to develop responsibility, be creative and show initiative. Very high standards of behaviour are expected from the students as we seek to develop their appreciation for “politesse” or doing the right thing at the right time.