Third Year

St George’s accepts boys and girls at 13+ from preparatory schools into the Third Year of the College. Each year up to 44 places are reserved for this entry, making the College one of the main providers of day school education of this type in the area.

Process for application

All families are encouraged to have their first introduction to the College by attending one of the Open Mornings in March or September. Open Mornings offer prospective families an informal visit to the College where extensive tours with Sixth Formers are offered along with a chance to talk to staff. The Headmistress makes an address to families at regular intervals throughout the morning.

Prospective parents are encouraged to talk to their prep school Heads about the choice of St George’s for their son or daughter. Almost all local prep schools feed in to the College but some will know us better than others. Parents may wish to consider attending a Forum with Mrs Rachel Owens, the Headmistress of the College after first attending an Open Morning. A short tour with younger students can also be arranged at this time. Interviews with prospective children, however, are not a part of the entry process.

When parents feel that St George’s is a strongly possible choice for their son/daughter, they are encouraged to register using the College Registration Form which can be found in the prospectus folder. Registration should take place before the dates given below.

Selection criteria and process

The following criteria are used to determine entry:

·Academic performance

·Reference from the prep school

·Indication of interest in the school as demonstrated by attending Open Day, etc.

·The presence of a sibling already in the College or previous family connection

There is an expectation that the family are sympathetic to the Christian, Catholic, Josephite ethos of St George’s. It is important for families and the College that we ensure the likely success of a boy or girl through Common Entrance. We would never wish to turn someone away in their Common Entrance year. To do this we run two Pre-test sessions.


Boys and girls must be under 14 years of age on 1 September of the year of entry.

Entrance examination

The entrance examination for 13+ entry takes place two years prior to entry, in Year 6, and is known as the 11+ Pre-Test (please see below for further information). The date is organised in consultation with other major independent schools. Girls and boys come to the College for a whole day.

We do try to make this as enjoyable as possible!

We have recently reviewed our entrance examination. Four areas will be assessed:

Verbal reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning

A Mathematics paper

An English paper (assessing extended writing, comprehension and technical skills)

The Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning will be tested online and details of a familiarisation website will be made available to families in advance of the test date. They are very similar to traditional paper versions. Samples of our Mathematics and English papers will be available on the admissions downloads page. The latter two papers are set and marked in the College.

Candidates will also have a short interview with a senior member of staff.

Please contact our Admissions Office on 01932 839437 if you have any questions or queries about the Application process.

Families will be told in advance when the results will be published.

Pre-Test at 11+

This takes place in the January, two calendar years before entry. Thus the Pre-test for September 2020 entry will take place in January 2018. The Pre-test candidate will take the same examination papers as those candidates seeking entry at age 11. Parents will need to stipulate before the examination that the application is for 13+. The assessment is in Mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Specimen Maths and English papers are available. Registrations must be submitted before the last day of November preceding the test. Subsequent to success in the Pre-test, a family will not be permitted to change a 13+ application into an 11+ application. 

Sample papers

To find copies of our sample papers please visit the admissions downloads page.

For further information on our Open Mornings please click here.

The College reserves the right to change the above process and description at any time.

If you would like to receive a prospectus or download the College Registration Form please complete our Enquiry Form.