In the First and Second Years (Years 7 and 8) emphasis is placed on building skills, developing knowledge, promoting confidence and striving for excellence across the curriculum. There is no streaming at the College, but there is setting in Mathematics from the First through to Fifth Year, with assessment points throughout the years and subsequent movement between sets. Pupils have a language option upon entry to the College between French, German or Spanish, which they will continue to study until and including the Third Year. In the Third Year, they study an additional Modern Foreign Language. If a student already has a strong grasp of one of these languages prior to entry, we strongly advise them to opt for a different one. There is broad setting for Modern Foreign Languages. Latin is compulsory in the First and Second Year. The primary aims of the Third Year (Year 9) Curriculum are to begin to prepare students for their options at GCSE and to integrate those joining at 13. 

In the Fourth and Fifth Years (Years 10 and 11), our focus is helping students to achieve the very best GCSE results in preparation for their entry to the Sixth Form. We expect all students at the College to progress seamlessly from Fifth Year into the Sixth Form. However, in a very small minority of cases, when there are concerns about a student's ability to fully access the A Level curriculum, parents are alerted at the beginning of the Fifth Year. The College then works with the student and their parents, to create an appropriate plan of action. Through their time in the Sixth Form students are prepared for university education through the provision of a broad range of A Level subjects supplemented by a comprehensive enrichment programme, for more information about the Sixth Form curriculum please click here. To find about more about the individual subjects offered at St George’s College please explore below.