Years 1 and 2 showcase Olympic values

This week, on Monday 20 and Thursday 23 March, pupils in Years 1 and 2 at St George's Junior School took part in some very special Olympic Festivals.

In order to create a more Olympic feel to proceedings, each School House was given a country to represent. These countries were Great Britain, Spain, USA and South Africa.

During the course of the festivals, the pupils participated in the following sporting activities:

Football matches - small-sided games.

Hockey - 'Crossing the river' - team members were stationed on one side of the ‘river' with the aim of making it across the river, while avoiding obstacles that the teachers put in their way.

Rugby 1 v 2 (twin tags) - each team was given an opportunity to attack and defend. When attacking, the child would try to take the ball with two hands to the try line whilst changing direction and speed to beat the defenders (who were trying to tag the attacker whilst having to stay attached throughout by holding hands).

Benchball matches - children were not allowed to run with the ball and had to pass up the court. The aim of the game was for the ball to be caught by their teammate on the bench without the ball bouncing. The player who 'shot' would then join their teammate on the bench. The game was won when one team had all but one player on the bench.

The children from both year groups enjoyed every sport they participated in and learnt some new skills along the way. 

At the end of proceedings, certificates were awarded to all pupils for taking part.

As well as this, special medals were also given out to two girls and boys for each sport for showing true Olympic values. The winners of these medals are listed below:

Year 1 Olympic medal winners


Lyla Moule - for her speed and agility

Hector Hellen - for his resiliance

Alice Trikha and Anisha Mathur - for their kindness

Mark Morcos - for his variety of dodges


William Kelly - for being fair and playing by the rules

Theo Parsonage - for his bravery

Erin lee - for being a great team player

Ana Julia Romani - for being happy for others' success


Jacques Marais - for his determination

George Davis - for his persistence

Isabelle Joyce - for being fair and a team player

Saffron Sugrue - for her determination

Hockey - 4 pupils awarded for kindness, determination and ability:

Sophie Grant

Eleanor Castledine Sterritt

Henry Schirn

Thomas Entract

Year 2 Olympic medal winners


Toby Brown

Freddie Harmsworth

Zoe Walters

Olivia Chinchen


Jose Peralta

Joshua Harding

Felicity Wilkinson

Amelia Revell-Coates


Ben Kay

Lewis Bean

Lexi van Hoffen

Romaine Haslett


Oliver Khaksar

Max Pittard

Leyli Morgan

Isabelle Benge

24 March 2017

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