Year 6 enjoy special visit to St George's College

Linked to the launch of the new College Societies, Year 6 pupils from St George's Junior School were invited to the College on Monday 2 October to participate in a series of lectures run by the Classics, Mathematics and Art Departments. 

The afternoon began with a presentation on the new Activity Centre. The pupils were delighted to experience a virtual tour of the state of the art facilities and learn about the dynamic world class centre due to open in 2019.

The Classics Department shared fascinating stories of Odysseus, the legendary Greek king and hero of Homer's epic poem, 'The Odyssey'. With tales of the Trojan Horse, lotus eaters and sirens, Year 6 pupils were keen to learn more, asking interesting and intelligent questions.

With technology advancing on a daily basis, the Mathematics Department led an interactive session investigating how binary numbers using the digits 1 and 0 are used by computers. The pupils were challenged to use their mental arithmetic skills to quickly crack binary number codes.

Finally, the Art Department asked the question 'Why is Art Important?'. Year 6 learnt that the top three British tourist attractions are the National Gallery, The British Museum and The Tate Modern. Sharing five reasons why art is important, the Art Department successfully persuaded the pupils of the importance of art using classical and modern works of art and lots of fun facts!

The Junior School staff and pupils were very grateful to the College staff for inviting them to take part in these excellent presentations. It was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to experience a different style of learning in the form of interactive lectures and all pupils left the College enriched and enthused! 

24 October 2017

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