Year 5 get philosophic

On Friday 1 December, 15 children from Year 5 at St George's Junior School visited the College for a special workshop introducing them to the subject of Philosophy. 

The workshop was run by RE and Philosophy Teacher at the College, Miss Houston, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.

At the beginning of the workshop, the children looked at interesting questions such as; 'Is the hole in a polo part of the polo?' and 'If evil exists, can there really be an all-loving God?' 

The children argued vigorously and changed their minds many times during the discussion – as Martha commented, "In Philosophy, there are often no wrong or right answers – it is a great subject for those who like to argue!" Kitty added, "It is a bit like debating – you have to think carefully about your arguments and justify what you say."

The workshop went on to look at a story in which the children were given an option – would they want to press a button on a machine that allowed everyone in the world to read each others minds? The children had to vote yes or no but give reasons for their answers. This led to great discussions and got the children thinking about the following: if we could all read each other’s minds, then maybe we could prevent bad things from happening and have more empathy with each other. On the other hand, it could be dangerous for us if everyone knew what we were thinking – it might also be embarrassing or we could hurt other people without intending to.

The workshop ended with the children posing their own philosophical questions and debating them amongst themselves. All of the children present learned a great deal and it looks like Philosophy is already top of the list for A Level choices in the years to come! The children would all like to thank Miss Houston for her time and a really great afternoon. 

7 December 2017

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