Reptiles, owls and robots excite all during Maths and Science Week

With Maths and Science Week in full swing at St George's Junior School last week (w/c 6 February), those pupils interested in a career in science were treated to a whole host of extraordinary workshops and experiences that they won't be forgetting any time soon.

Reptile Experience

On Wednesday 8 February, Nursery children were very lucky to receive a visit from Reptile Experience. There was a lot of excitement and anticipation from the girls and boys as they waited to meet new friends from the reptile kingdom. Amongst the visitors at the Junior School they saw: a black and white tegu from Argentina; a milk snake called Milkshake; a scorpion; a blue tongued skink; and finally as a treat, they met a beautiful female barn owl.

The Nursery children found out lots of interesting information about all of these animals and were even allowed to have a stroke too, if they were brave enough.

Robot Wars

Whilst pupils in Nursery were learning about reptiles, Year 4 was having a wonderful time in the Science Lab. The boys and girls were learning to program Lego bumper cars.

One student gave a first hand account of the pupils' progress:

"First we made the bumper cars light up, then we programmed them to bump into each other. To program the cars, we had to drag blocks onto the screen. We put a sensor on the front and the back of the car, so when the car hit something it would go back and then it would turn and then go forward until it hit something else.

Finally, it was time to test our cars and to see who would be the 'Robot Wars' champion, we were very excited. We carefully placed our programmed cars into the battle arena and then had a war to find out which car had received the best programming. We all shouted and screamed for our car to win,  but in the end only one car survived! Year 4 would like to thank Ms Wilson, Mrs Wicks and Dr Clayton for giving them an amazing experience."


There was another fascinating treat in store for some pupils at the Junior School, as a falcon expert came in to St George's, much to the children's excitement. 

The expert showed the girls and boys a safety glove called a gauntlet, before introducing some of his birds to the children. As well as getting to meet the birds, the pupils were also lucky enough to hold some birds including Blue, a kookaburra, and an eagle owl called Liberty, who has worked with many celebrities and has been a star in the Harry Potter films.

As well as this, the children learnt specific details about owls, including interesting facts about their feathers, their eyes, the talons and the body and its camouflage tricks.

To finish the day's activities, everyone was split into groups and broke owl pellets into smaller pieces so that they could look at the bones and guess what the owl had been eating. An owl pellet is the remains of an owl’s food that comes out of the mouth. Once this was finished, the pupils' knowledge was put to the test with a quiz. A big thank you must go to the staff for making this all happen. The children had such a fun time.

13 February 2017

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