Pupil-led RESPeCT committee set up to discuss spiritual life at St George's

A new pupil-led committee has been set up at St George's Junior School, Weybridge called The RESPeCT Committee, which stands for the RE and Spiritual Committee.

The committee has been created so that pupils from Years 4 and 5 can meet with Curriculum Leader of RE Mrs Kenney-Hodgson and Junior School Chaplain Mrs Rolon every 2 weeks to discuss all sorts of things to do with the RE and spiritual life of the school.

The launch of RESPeCt was announced to the children last month and any child in Years 4 or 5 who wanted to apply had to write an application letter explaining why they thought they would be a good member. Twelve pupils were then selected from the many letters received. 

At their March assembly, a few members from the committee stood up in front of everyone and gave a bit of a background of what they had been up to in their first meeting. 

As their first meeting coincided with Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, the boys and girls brainstormed ideas on how everyone at the school could "be at their best for Jesus during Lent."

During the assembly, one of the pupils spoke about what everyone needs to do during Lent and how they should do it. Here is what was said:

"We know that during Lent, we need to look at our lives and change the things that are separating us from Jesus. We need to challenge ourselves by giving something up or doing something extra … or both! … but we mustn’t be miserable about it – we must keep cheerful and use it as a chance to get closer to Jesus."

The children then showed off some examples of some drawings they'd created to show how the pupils at the Junior School should act during Lent, as well as displaying some social media hashtags (#) on screen. These included: #NOSIN, #noevil, #Lentislove and #Putsininthebin.

The children were very encouraged by the committee and we look forward to hearing from it again very soon.

13 March 2017

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