Polar explorer inspires Year 3

After spending last term learning all about polar regions, the Antarctic and famous explorers Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton, Year 3 pupils at St George's Junior School welcomed a very special guest to their classrooms on Friday 26 May.

The children were very excited to listen to Robert Swan, OBE, a polar explorer, an environmentalist and the first man ever to walk unsupported to both the North and South Poles.

Robert introduced himself and started to discuss his trips to the North and South Poles, with the boys and girls hanging on his every word. He spoke about his beginnings in life, how he managed to get sponsored for his adventures, he discussed food supplies and the troubles he faced whilst walking in sub-zero temperatures, as well as rescue missions for penguins trapped in rubbish tips. He also had lots of pictures to show the children, which often drew smiles and laughter from the crowd, including some gasps now and again.

Year 3 were fascinated by Mr Swan's animated stories and listened enthusiastically as he moved from one story to the next.

Robert is also a huge advocate for the protection of Antarctica and renewable energy, having set up his own company '2041', so he started to discuss his future plans and expeditions, including another trip to the South Pole that he is undertaking with his son. The two of them will attempt the journey using only renewable energy resources. 

With this in mind, Mr Swan then told the pupils what they could do to help protect the Antarctica, and he spoke about renewable energy and recycling, something that he told the children they must always do.  

There was then time for a quick Q & A session where the children asked lots of insightful questions. Questions such as 'Why did you want to become an explorer?', 'How much wildlife did you see out there?' and 'What happened to the penguin you rescued from the rubbish tip?'

The children were very lucky to have a visit from a real life polar explorer and thoroughly enjoyed listening to Robert Swan.

5 June 2017

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