Knowledge is key at Surrey Bikeability courses

Pupils at St George's Junior School, Weybridge enjoyed a day of 'Bikeability' courses with Surrey County Council this week as they learnt all about how to ride their bikes properly and safely.

Children from Year 2 started off proceedings in the morning as they attended the 'Pedals Bikeability' course. The aim of this particular course is for the children to learn how to start, travel and stop, explain how wearing a tabard and helmet can improve safety and to stop, look and listen before crossing the road in a simulated traffic environment in the playground. As well as this, the pupils learnt about sharing the road space with pedestrians, understanding traffic lights and setting off in a safe manner by looking around them.

The children paid close attention to all the instructions given to them and loved every minute of cycling up and down the School playground.

In the afternoon, it was the turn of Year 4 pupils to take part in the 'Level 1 Bikeability' course. This course was slightly more advanced and the children were graded throughout the duration of the session. The training took place in a traffic free area again - the School playground - and the exercises were designed to improve the children's balance and control skills.

They were graded on the following attributes:

  • Checking your bike and understanding the need of safety equipment and clothing
  • Getting on and off a bike safely without help
  • Starting cycling, pedalling and stopping without help
  • Riding along without help for roughly one minute or more
  • Making the bike go where they want
  • Using gears (where present)
  • Stopping quickly with control
  • Manoeuvring safely to avoid objects
  • Looking all around, including behind, without loss of control
  • Controlling the bike with one hand
  • Snaking practice in preparation for 'Bikeability Level 2'

All pupils received their certificates at the end of each session - well done everyone.

10 March 2017

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