Junior School captivated by visiting Poet

On Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 October, pupils at St George's Junior School from Nursery to Year 5 were left captivated by visiting Poet, Ian Bland.

The Poet was visiting the school to help celebrate National Poetry Day 2017. His sessions enthralled all of the children that took part, with his interactive and highly entertaining workshops inspiring those in attendance. Mr Bland recited some of his poetry, he gave tips to pupils on how to write their own poetry and he even got some of the teachers to recite poetry too, much to the delight of the girls and boys listening.

One of the tasks that the children were set was to work with their talking partners to produce their own poetry. Here are just some of the creative poems that the children came up with:


I'd like to be a DJ

So I could play a groovy tune

I'd like to be a spaceman

So I could fly up to the moon.


I have some black and plastic keys

But you can't twist and turn with these

I have a thin rectangular screen

The most amazing games you've ever seen

I cost a lot of money to buy



There's an Alien in the Garden

He's digging up the plants

He's hanging on the washing line

And his trying on my pants!

There's an Alien in the Kitchen

He's eating all our food

He's smashing up the microwave

He's in an angry mood!


Six scary spiders sipping on a sprite

Seven fluffy flamingos flying over a fountain

Eight hungry hippos hopping down a hill

Nine juicy jellyfish juggling with some jam

Ten terrible tigers tip toeing round a tent!

At the end of each day, Ian signed copies of his books for the excited children and wrote special messages in each one.

9 October 2017

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