Easter Term Colours awarded

Colours were awarded today at St George's College in Netball, Hockey, Music and Drama.

There was a special assembly held this morning for Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Years, where the Headmistress Mrs Rachel Owens congratulated everyone and handed out full and half colours.

As well as colours being awarded, there was also special awards and commendations for winners of the Royal Society of Biology Olympiad awards, which students took part in earlier this term.

Congratulations to all recipients of the awards and colours on offer this morning:


Juliet - started her drama journey as a chorus member in Hard Times in 2011 and ended as a leading member of the Chorus in the Bacchae. She was intensely moving as Mary Magdalene in the Passion and was central to the success of the Seagull where she was both actor and stage manager, cueing the whole show on stage in front of the audience. She has been a creative asset in rehearsals having the independence of mind and a perceptive directorial eye which has benefited all those around her.

Emily - is an immensely gifted actor who has excelled in comedy, tragedy and musical theatre whilst at the College. Who could forget her puffed out in that monstrous fat suit as the irrepressible Mr Bumble in Oliver? And who could not have been moved by her recent performance as Agave in the heart-breaking moment when she realised she has killed her own child? It is surely the mark of her incredible talent that she could be so successful in such diverse roles. 

Percy - has had a remarkable theatrical journey since he joined the College in the Third Year. He began as a character actor as a cold vindictive Caiaphas in the Passion before becoming the juvenile lead in the Seagull, he was the leading man in Don Juan Comes back from the War before returning to character in his outrageous performance as the drug addicted transgender Tiresias in the Bacchae. It has been a pleasure to see him develop and excel in all these roles and he has been a remarkable support and inspiration to others.


Rufus Uttley has made a significant mark on the department as an accomplished bass singer, dedicated violinist, and engaging guitar player. His participation in both the instrumental and choral programme throughout his years at the College has been one of absolute commitment and he has at all times performed with enthusiasm, reliability and zest. Over the years he has demonstrated an innate musicality and his leadership within his ensembles has been highly professional and hugely valued.

Annie Dersy- is a truly exceptional and versatile musician being a very accomplished player on the violin, flute, and saxophone in addition to being a very fine soprano singer. She has made a huge impact on the department within both the instrumental and choral spheres and she is to be particularly commended on her professionalism, authority within performance, leadership of others, and exemplary dedication to the department. She will be hugely missed having represented the College both nationally and internationally on television and tours.

Michael Miller - has been a 'tour de force' within the department making an outstanding contribution to all of the various choirs and instrumental ensembles as a flute player. In addition to being a very dynamic and musical flautist, he is also an excellent bass singer and highly accomplished pianist who has represented the College in both national and international music making over the years, both on the television and radio, and on tour. His professional approach and positive leadership of the younger pupils has also been exemplary; Michael will be sorely missed.

Half Colours:

James Cook

Jamie Mark

These boys have both made generous contributions to College music over the years; James as a saxophone and oboe player, and Jamie as a bassoonist, singer, and organist. Both pupils have participated in the programme of ensembles being very dedicated to the progress of their instrumental study and representing the College in numerous concerts and events during their years at the College.


Henry Northall

Aman Behl

Rory O'Neil

James Cook

Will Cooke

Tom Ho

Patrick Hare

Will Jacks

Half Colours:

Jamie Boden

Matt Dowthwaite

Will Arkel

Elliot Sanderson

Freddie Garnham

Joe Davie 


Alex Oldfield

Kyra Thomas

Isabella Thompson

Chantelle Murphy

Half Colours:

Nicole Chapman Hatchett

Isabella Rodrigues-Mendes

Ella Eze

Siri Wrigley

Ore Adejedi

Meg Ormond

Jas Sykes (Fifth Year)

Winners of the Royal Society of Biology Olympiad awards:

Finn McIntosh - Gold award

Juliana Johnson - Bronze award

James Hill - Bronze award

Isabella Thompson - Bronze award

Min Kyu Park - Highly Commended

Jacob Fallon - Highly Commended

Francesca Brazier - Highly Commended

Nicole Chapman Hatchett - Highly Commended

Malcolm Scott-Watson - Highly Commended

Dominic Aston - Commended

Raashi Sarkar - Commended

Ana Brumwell - Commended

22 March 2017

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