Price reduction

After conducting a survey of parents of bus users in June 2016, it was clear that the costs of the service were a major concern and a reason for people moving away from the service.

Therefore St George's implemented a fixed price termly charge, which results in a 20% decrease in costs to parents living in Zone 1 and a 15% decrease for parents in the Zone 2 area (compared to the current 5 day return service). This also includes free access to the Late Bus service on a reduced route. 

The cost almost equates to our current single journey charge, benefiting over 80% of parents subscribed to the School Buses. With numbers potentially increasing, St George's will also be advancing its Green initiatives by cutting down on congestion by local parents opting to drive their children in.

The proposed changes are as follows:


As a result of this new pricing structure there will be considerable savings:

Your Zone 1 Savings for the Academic Year of 2017-2018 = £211.40

Your Zone 2 Savings for the Academic Year of 2017-2018 = £230.60

School Bus prices will be the equivalent to £5 per day for children travelling from Zone 1 and £7 per day for Zone 2.

As well as this, your children will receive Free access to our Late Bus service (booking required and subject to seat availability).

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