Late Bus service

After conducting a survey with parents of bus users in June 2016, there was a clear indication that many parents were in favour of a Late Bus service. 

St George's listened to these comments and as a result started running a local Late Bus service which came into effect on 7 September 2017, which all children who are subscribed can use for FREE. 

This local service runs every day at 18:15 and is provided for children who have pre-booked, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. The route covers Weybridge Train Station, Queen's Road (Weybridge) and Walton-on-Thames. 

Requests for the Late Bus service are to be made by the child or parent, to Student Services by 1pm on the same day as the child plans to use the Late Bus. This will allow time for Student Services to contact parents if necessary and issue children with a bus ticket. Ad-hoc/last minute requests will be dependent on seat availability. 

Local Late Bus Route – Black Route

Please see below a map of the local Late Bus route, as well as the departure and arrival times at each stop.

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